National Eggnog Day Recipes

eggnog day

Today is National Eggnog Day, a time to celebrate one of the most indulgent beverages of the holiday season. While most of us are familiar with eggnog and where to find it, you may not know that there are many recipes made with eggnog besides the traditional drink. Check out these 10 eggnog recipes you ... Read moreNational Eggnog Day Recipes

National Gingerbread House Day: Fun Facts

Gingerbread House Day

Making Gingerbread Houses is a fun, creative and traditional activity for the holiday season. Today is National Gingerbread House Day and we have some interesting facts about gingerbread to share while you create your own. Gingerbread originally comes from the East and is said to have come from Europe in 922 by a monk to ... Read moreNational Gingerbread House Day: Fun Facts

National Pastry Day: Holiday-Themed Recipes

National Pastry Day

For anyone with a sweet tooth, today is National Pastry day. It’s the best time to enjoy some of your favorite desserts, and with us being right in the middle of the holiday season, what better way to celebrate today than with holiday-themed pastry recipes. Check out some of the treats below. Candy Cane Danish ... Read moreNational Pastry Day: Holiday-Themed Recipes