Making Your First Loaf: The Advantages of Bread Making


I love being overwhelmed by the smell of freshly baked home made bread. For some, this is a rare treat, but making your own bread is a cheap and fun activity that, if done consistently, can cut back costs in the long run. Most families go through about a loaf or two of bread each week, which might not seem like a significant amount of money. Compare that to the cost of making your own bread; making your bread ends up being more cost efficient and a lot healthier.

ABC's of SPF


Recently I went to do my annual sunscreen purchase and was more confused than I usually am when buying sunscreen. Being pasty 25-year-old one would think I would know my ABC's of SPF by at this stage of the game. I typically would grab the highest SPF (I'm at the Casper level of paleness) that's on sale and be out. Alas, not this year since the recent news about carcinogenic ingredients in sunscreen and dad's second time around with skin cancer. Let's talk sunscreen so you don't have to buy 8 bottles to find the "one" this summer.

Helping Haiti

On January 12th 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti. There has been an estimated 52 aftershocks' measuring 4.5 and above with the strongest to hit on January 20th with a magnitude of 5.9. There are hundreds of thousands have lost everything and hundreds of thousands dead. This is a time where we need to come together and donate whatever we can to aid in the relief efforts.

20 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

tips for eating helathy on a budget

It can seem nearly impossible these days to eat healthy without breaking the bank. If you’re like me, your bills are getting larger and your time is getting shorter. Sure, it’s cheap and easy to heat up a pre-packaged processed meal every night… but you’re not going to be around for long subsisting on nothing but Hot Pockets. Some simple changes in eating and grocery shopping habits can have you living happy and healthy without draining your bank account.