Free Food Coupons and Deals for the Weekend


Have fun and save money this weekend with these coupons for FREE FOOD and other great restaurant offers: Bruegger's: Free Coffee Or Jamba Smoothie, Participating locations only. See offer for details. Expires 3/20 Olive Garden: Free Appetizer or Dessert with 2 Adult Entrees, See coupon for more details. Expires 3/16 Quiznos: Free Extra Meat with purchase. Participating locations only. See ... Read moreFree Food Coupons and Deals for the Weekend

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It's finally Friday! And after a long week of hard work, I think we all deserve a little rest and relaxation (and perhaps a cocktail or two).

One of my personal favorite weekend indulgences is eating out. There's nothing greater than having someone else cook you a fabulous and tasty meal while you catch up with your family and friends. Unfortunately, many restaurants often come with a sizable price-tag, one that is simply covered by many people's budget at the moment. Luckily, is offering this amazing deal, and I highly suggest everyone take advantage of it.

Saving Money At Work: 5 Useful Tips to Help Reduce Spending During the Work Week


Most nights, before going to bed, I prepare my lunch for the next day. If I'm ever running late, I don't want to use being in a hurry as an excuse to buy lunch, because I save a significant amount of money bringing my own lunch to work every day. If you buy lunch every day, you might be spending about $30-40 per week. (I'm guessing an average meal runs around $6-$8.) Sure, $8 might not seem like a lot when ordering your food, but $40 certainly sounds like a lot more.