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Week of November 26, 2023 - December 2, 2023


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jwolfgram Says...


kitchendoc70 Says...

I think your problem is be frugle! What a pain in the -----!

kitchendoc70 Says...

Your new system sucks! The little coupon monthly books were great! Clip a coupon and hand it to the cashier! I used to enjoy shopping pic n save more than any other in Racine and I worked for piggly wiggly! I don't think I would even mind this so much if it didn't take 20 min. To sign in and find anything! Make it easier and faster or dump your it guy for a new one!!! This one is costing you$$$$$$$

linda Says...

I like to shop around for the best buys. So why should I have to sign up for E shopping to create an account, just to view a products or even look to see what it costs? I shouldn't need an "account" when I already have a savers card. No company is going to force me to sign up for anything! If they can't make it easy for me to just look up products then they don't need my business

empatt Says...

After over 20 years of shopping at Pick n Save I am done. On line there was add that said 10% off for seniors on Wednesdays they didn't know about it and said that they were a Kroger store the sign and receipt says Pick nSave. When the store was redone the prices have gone way up. Do not appreciate being treated in such a rude manner. I will now go to Meijers