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51-Pc Macy's Flatware Sets
$31 $84
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Customer Reviews for Macy's (25)

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Guest Says...

love shopping there!

cielolizasuainjr Says...

Kitchen a Toaster and electric can Opener

hiest8 Says...

alls was pleased with purches

Writerugas4 Says...

Macy's has been offering. some fantastic deals.

martblwka2105 Says...

Often fast withdraw. Thanks, Befrugal.

Guest Says...

Love to shop at Macy's.

countrygirl1949 Says...

Looking for female tops in plus size. It's black with white looking lace and has sizers on front pockets.

norman_reed3 Says...


nittymcnair Says...

love their clothes!

prfuller Says...

Smart watch

mlmccuin1001 Says...

I would have never thought that Macys would let me have a poor experience with customer service as I had. Then I felt they lied about the order I placed. I only received one of the items and was told you were out of stock and they could not send me the other Calvin Klein Euphoria set. I feel I ordered in enough time that I should have received both sets. Macy usually stand behind their goods. I am very disappointed. I won't be bothering you nor my friends bothering you again.

sgriffit Says...


xavi0421 Says...


dmcnicu Says...

Love this site such great savings

johnsummerhill Says...

Their coupons suck as they are somewhat misleading.

Bette Lynch Says...

I love Macy's as they have such a good selection from low to high prices. I have found some very good bargins when they mark down. I do agree with a previous person about the coupons I get. Most of the time cannot use. Last time I shopped there with a coupon, I was able to use, however, a second sales clerk was trying to get me to buy some coupons for $3. My sales clerk asked her why I would want to do that when I already had coupons. Good question. I would also buy more online except I cannot afford to buy $99 each time to get free shipping. The sales clerks are so friendly and if you forget your coupon, they will see if they can find one that will work for you. Good job Macy's.

kda Says...

Horrible return policy. I received a gift, purchased at Macy's in GA. Macy's in Nashville (Green Hills) would not exchange it or even give a store credit for it. Very poor customer return policy.

smartypantsgirls Says...

Their coupons are a joke. EDV'S (EVERY DAY VALUE) cover around 65% of their merchandise and they are excluded. So far I have been lucky enough to use the coupon on shoes. This latest one excludes shoes. I will try to use them again and see what I can possibly use them on. I do have to say that they have an excellent selection of shoes & jewelry this season.

shirley59 Says...

I love Macy's clothing, however I agree with one of your other reviewers; they will rarely take my coupons. It's always an every day value or something like that!

AnonymousLegion Says...

Macy's has a very nice selection, but I don't know why they even bother sending out coupons. Have you ever read the back with the list of exclusions? Man alive! "Take 50% off anything in the store... well, except for anything you might actually want."

BrightGlass Says...

$15 off $100 when you sign up for emails link is:

macys fan Says...

Free shipping at Macy's is great!

simplydab Says...

I love Macy's. They have a wide array of quality merchandise, their salespeople are pleasant and knowledgeable and their website is easy to navigate and well laid out.

Jeccica Simpson Says...

I found this beautiful Ivory & Brown dress for my daughter who is a flower girl, dress shipped within 2 days and the dress what better in person than on their website, thanks Macy's!!

Alka Says...

I love Macy's. They have an excellent selection for men, women, and teens. I love their makeup selection as well. Great prices and great quality merchandise. There's something for everyone.