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Customer Reviews for Boost Mobile (10)

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maikaubay Says...

Be careful Moto G refurbished phone cashback did not work for me. Other sites have removed cashback for phone under $45. Maybe a new policy by Boostmobile. YMMV.

chiming Says...

Reliable cash back experiences for me. I had ordered 5 phones so far at $35 each and it has never disappoint. The cashback terms for Boost mobile at befrugal can be hard to decipher but it works like a charm if you understand it!

hbinns Says...

very happy

TPSTPS Says...

Same as most of these, didn't get rebate promised: BeFrugal is a cheat!

HW Says...

bought Moto G and did not get promised $40 cash back. Don't believe it.

infinite0101 Says...

Did receive 2 x $35 cashback via PayPal for purchasing 2 Kyocera Hydro (refurb) phones in July 2014. It tool a while but cashback pay-out made exactly as scheduled/promised. No scammer for Boost mobile with BeFrugal here.

bhyde Says...

Worked great. Note there is a long sequence of events before you get your rebate. The click, the order, the order reported, the payment pending, the payment available, the payment requested, the payment sent. This takes a while :). I ordered in early May and got my payout in August - right on schedule. All this is explained, for example in the FAQ.

Ariana from Says...

Earned cash back on eligible orders should appear in your account within 7 days. If more than a week passes from your purchase date and you still do not see the pending Cash Back, please copy and paste a full copy of your order receipt into this Contact Us form A complete receipt includes Order ID, items purchased, subtotal, tax and shipping info, discounts applied, and payment method. Once we have a copy of your receipt BeFrugal can submit an inquiry with the company to find out what happened with your cash back credit.

jimbou1981 Says...

Bought a phone from Boost Mobile yesterday, check today and saw $35 pending in my account today. Awesome!

alul4g Says...

I didn't get any penny, it is scam.