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Comments (9)


roseanne2001 Says...

There smash fries are out of this world and I simply love this SmashBurger that I go to across from our HEB in Houston Texas. They have brought back anew way to make good ole FOODS taste new and yet different

Betty Leftwich Says...

The Oklahoma burger is absolutely the very best burger I have ever eaten! Juicy, perfectly seasoned, and always cooked to perfection! And their fried pickles are amazing!!! I recommend Smashburger to all burger fans. Great food!

colleen_fairbairn Says...

I recently started to eat at Smashburger. It is the GREATEST. Everybody should try it. I am recommending Smashburger to ALL my friends.

sara Says...

Burgers were ok and the fries were cold. Not worth the price.

SJK Says...

FABULOUS! Your life WILL be changed! I have been here 8 times in the past month, 6 of those 8 times with 11 of friends who ALL returned! Haters will be haters, but this place is fab, and a GREAT price for the food. The burgers are huge and they really load up on the sides. Fries are only $1.99 for a fast food size large, and the fried pickles are to die for, for only $2.99! Please, do yourself a favor and check it out immediately! I plan on going tonight, myself :)

robinshack Says...

These are the BEST burgers in the world YUMMY JUICY and FRESH even the buns are delicious! - sweet potato fries are killer! Everything is fresh and the people are friendly too! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

audvasquez1234 Says...


kathyscornerdaycare Says...

Can't say I was impressed. I waited 8 minutes in line to order, then another 15 for a table, which we had to scope out and run for, then we waited for someone to come clean it off (we had to ask for this) my deep fried pickles were lukewarm and undercooked not crispy at all, my fries were good and crispy and my burger was okay - a bit salty. Very spendy to have all this to occur: 1 adult and 2 kids for 25 bucks.

R & M Says...

The BEST hamburgers in town and the fries are better than McD's. Never thought I would find better fries but...I have! Service is great, just like the food.