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Comments (8)


legallynn Says...

In the few months since I've visited the Fillmore CA Carl's Jr, things have certainly changed... extra charge for ordering add'tl lettuce, though charge reversed when I asked about. Then zero verde sauce on tacquitos (absolutely dry!) and when staff asked if I wanted condiments at checkout, they said there was no verde sauce. WHAT? I feel cheated; won't patronize again.

jenniferpulido7 Says...


Ariana from Says...

Thanks for commenting! I suggest contacting Carl Jr's via their official website with your experience and Feedback.

mmavela Says...

I went to the Carl's Jr. restaurant this morning at 9:55 am and after a wait I ordered a bacon,cheese and egg combo. I was surprised when the cashier told me that they were out of eggs and no more breakfast could be ordered. There is great lack of planning if a food service establishment like Carl's runs out of a product like eggs especially during breakfast hours. Whoever is the manager is incompetent at the very least.

rec221 Says...

good service decent food

sablebrush07 Says...

They serve 2 $6 burgers for $5 with coupon but without the total comes to $8.96. What's up with that? Maybe they're making burgers with old ingredients? I don't like the service and questionable practices.

journeylady819 Says...

Sorry they don't serve the mushroom burger anymore. That's the only reason I ever ate there. I've tried other things but not as good, service has gone downhill really fast too.

JJ Says...

Great variety, lousy commercials. Try the fried zucchini or the criss cut fries. If you want low-cal, try the grilled chicken or turkey. If you don't care about calories, the 6 dollar burgers are huge. They also have a veggie version. Ask for the mushroom burger veggie style, just check it before you leave some places get it wrong and give you the Atkins version (all meat, no bun).