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$1000 Reward for Cigar Guy's Identity

by brian on October 6, 2010


Just like everybody else, we would like to know: who is the Cigar Guy? We don't know if he is real? Or fake? Or one of the Mario Brothers? But he certainly is frugal…those are mighty cheap pants he is wearing. Based on his incredibly frugal choice of clothing – pants, red wig, jacket – we think that Cigar Guy is ideally suited to be our spokesperson.

cigar_befrugalWe are offering a $1,000 Reward for Cigar Guy’s identity, because we want him to be the spokesperson. But we need to be the first website to identify him. So in order to win, find out who he is, and contact us before any website publishes his identity.

Update 10/11: Cigar Guy's identity has been revealed! Unfortunately the Daily Mail beat us to it, so no prize will be awarded. But thanks for your help everyone!

Update 10/8: Cigar Guy Still At Large

Entry: Contact us with proof of Cigar Guy's identity and a way to get in touch with him.
Eligibility: Must be 18+ to enter. Void where prohibited by law. US, UK & Canada only.
Winner selection: The $1,000 reward will be awarded to the first person who identifies Cigar Guy to us, and does so before any other website publishes his identity. Winner selection is contingent on being able to verify Cigar Guy’s identity.
Only One Prize: We are offering only one prize, and there can only be one winner. If another website publishes Cigar Guy’s identity before, no prize will be awarded.

Photo courtesy of Mark Pain.

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