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Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Circular

Weekly Ad for Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad

Week of August 30, 2015 - September 5, 2015


Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Circular

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Customer Reviews for Winn Dixie 

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wilsonleslie57 says...
I would like to just go to the Winn Dixie site and just view weekly ads like I can at Publix.

granmaking says...
Look up "Winn Dixie weekly ads" and then put in your zip code and how many miles away you would go. This is what they ask you. They wil give you a list of stores in your area. Pick one and then the ad will come up.

doughboy says...

clayhands4u says...
I would describe Winn Dixie as a value priced grocery store but I am fed up with the extremely high prices for all their ice cream products.

maggie205 says...
When checking weekly ad on line, today is 5-20, the ad shown is through today. The tab for Weekly Ad says 5-18-5-24, yet click on it and it only gives you store locator --I know where it is, SHOW THE AD so I can prepare my shopping list without run around.

judy says...
This week's ad seems to be unavailable online. I entered my zip code with miles preference and nothing happens. VERY frustrating. Also agree with doughboy regarding gasoline prices - the discount is lost on me due to the higher gas prices at the participating stations.

rn2314 says...
Don't know where Doughboy buys gas but our participating stations are the same or LOWER than many others which adds up to real savings. I started shopping WD because they closed our one and only remaining SweetBay. I still miss it but am happy with the "new" winn dixie. Much cleaner and friendlier.

carolannesaenz says...
I paid 2.91 a gallon at the shell gas station because of gas perks. It don't get better than that. You have to pay attention to the groceries you buy and where you purchase your fuel and it paid off for me. 36 bucks to fill up, I'm a happy camper! Thank you, Winn Dixie.

lomwdean says...
the Winn Dixie in Tallassee-Alabama the people are very nice!! Store very clean! I love the sales :)

bartgruzalski says...
This is a hopeless waste of my time. The prompts won't give me a circular. It's a good thing I'm a "fan" because on the basis of this experience I'd think of the store as a Dim Pixie.

wwwronsbrntnickle says...
I can't put the info in to get the ad when I fill in the state and city and try to put in the area code the city an state go off

Nick says...
The main reason I started shopping at Winn-Dixie is for the fuel perks. If you look for the specials, they really add!! At least once a month I fill up for almost FREE! i always wait til the perks are more than the price of gas per gal. For some reason it never gives it to you for free, it always charges me .019 per gal. That comes out to 38 cents for 20 gals.!!! My car only has a 16 gal. tank so I always bring extra gas cans with me to get the remained of the 20 gal. Bottom line is...I'm very happy with Winn-Dixie! The only thing I am dissatisfied with is their Bakery. Publix breads are a lot better.

lpelliccio says...
I can not look at the weekly ads any more - what happened - fire the web manager

zuchellidarla says...
I had a very hard time getting the weekly ad online! dlz

109nyjsx8ugsr0keizyrdcw974 says...
I love our Winn Dixie! My husband gets enough gas points to fill up his medium to large size car for just a few dollars, and once for free! We watch the adds and plan our meals around the buy one get one free and save tons of money! We shop at the Carter Hill Road Winn Dixie in Montgomery and everyone is very nice to us!

2353clarence says...
Tying to view Winn-Dixie's ad on line is not shopper friendly. I want to just get to the ads, ask Publix how it is done.

elfjump2 says...
I start making out the grocery list on Tuesdays, however;current ads for the following week do not appear on line until after. Could there be a way where next weeks ads could be ready to be viewed on Tuesday?

lenavines says...
I love WD and fuel perks. We have 3 vehicles and one is a diesel truck. I usually get at least one free tank of gas per month. I like the 3 day special sales. Yesterday, my total was almost $500. 00 after the customer rewards card was entered, I save $271.00 and I only used $5.00 in manufactures coupons. Word to Nick==those few cents you have to pay is the tax on your fuel. They can't take that off with fuel perks!! I love being able to stock up my freezer with meats when W/D has the sales with BOGO. They also have lots of Close out sales, which is great if you have a coupon, too! My store is clean, friendly helpful staff from the bagger boys right on up to the dept managers. The only complaint I have is this. When you are having a great sale, ORDER MORE MERCHANDISE! It is frustrating to walk in and find empty shelves! Also, Managers,you know when your "peak" hours and busiest days are. Put more people on those cash registers! It is a shame to have your ice cream melt while you are waiting in line!

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