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Safeway Weekly Ad Circular

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Safeway Weekly Ad

Week of May 3, 2015 - May 9, 2015


Safeway Weekly Ad Circular

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Customer Reviews for Safeway 

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Richard says...
SAFEWAY: Why can't YOU just put savings on my card? I hate this! I don't like to, but I can go to Walmart and get "your" sales without messing with a computer. PLEASE give me a different option! Thank You!

Jen From says...
Hi Richard, Thanks for sharing your Safeway comment on BeFrugal. We encourage you to share your feedback with the store. Jen from

Susan says...
I agree with Richard. I enjoy shopping at Safeway and have for over 40 years, but I'd like to have a sale be a sale and not another opportunity for Safeway to gather info on my buying habits.

Jon says...
To the comments above; the store sales and coupons are given to you regardless. The 'Personalized Deals' which are based on your past shopping habits are what you have to load... which honestly you don't get a lot of relative to the amount of discounts they give everyone. I just use the Smartphone App and load them that way... the 'Coupon Center' and the ones for your store are available to all without needing to load.

yankerose says...
I love shopping at Safeway but I absolutely cannot stand Safeway's "circular" web page. It's so bad. I won't visit there again.

Paul says...
I love their stores because of the wood floor paneling. Looks clean and classy.

j's girl says...
I love the personalized deals and the just for you coupons. Sometimes I get organic produce for less than the regular produce! Give the site another chance. It took me a couple of times, but I love it now. And the app for your smart phone is great. If you are in the store and want to know if there is a coupon for something just scan the bar code and there it is, add to your card and BAM savings!!

Marcia says...
I'm also one that hates the "just for you" but today, since I wanted to shop local, I won't because their entire site is down. To get the "just for you" savings on your card, you must do it by computer & not only is it INCONVENIENT, it leaves out folks without a pc unless you want to use theirs at the store & doesn't everyone just love having to sit at their computer & take more time before you can get your shopping done? I think NOT! I'll be heading to Winco!

Ariana from says...
Hi Marcia! BeFrugal posts links to weekly ads for stores like Safeway as a convenience. We do not have any further affiliation with these stores. I suggest visiting their official website and sending your comment directly to the company.

Barbara says...
The digital coupons that you load to your card are the same ones from Be aware that the digital coupons are not doubled up to $1.00 whereas the ones you print off and bring in are, so make sure the digital ones are worth at least $1.00 off.

Irene says...
Safeway continues to go downhill. Their prices are higher than other local markets and their produce is the worst! On day last fall I was looking at squash and when I picked one up it was rotten on bottom and ones underneath it were rotten and fuzzy with mold. I told the guy on shift and he removed them but did not clean the bin. Same visit, I went to a small basket of deco gourds only to find them rotten as well and little black flies flying around the area. The only reason my store rates 2 stars is due to the employees that I choose to deal with.

Jean says...
Why do I not receive the weekly flyer in my mailbox anymore? I would much rather read it in front of me and cut out any coupons that may be there than on the computer. I do get the other competitor flyers which will win over.

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