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Week of May 1, 2016 - May 7, 2016


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john hulsey Says...


goldenf Says...

I can not check your weekly adds for Thanksgiving. I've put in BELTON - 64012 and it says NO STORE. Then it won't let me check the adds! Very frustrating.

Gayle Carta Says...

I have bought my groceries at you store in Vernon, CT since it oqened (excuse the q but the letter after o does not qrint) I did something real dumb and would love it if you could get me out of it. I bought a gift card thinking it was an AmericanExqress card, qut $250 dollars on it and when I got home found out it was an Exqress Card for their stores. I am 80 years old and there is nothing in their store for anyone over 20. Talked to three of their customer relation folks and they say it is uq to your store to nullify the card so I can buy the correct one. I went to your store and they said they can't do anything. I am on Social Security and cannot afford this loss. It would be different if it was a store I could actually buy something at. I would be so thankful if you could do this for me. Sincerely, G Carta