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laurelnixon Says...

When we lived in Illinois, we were true fans and sorely missed Portillo's when we moved to AZ. Way back when, I was one who visited the Dawg House in Villa Park in the early years. My husband and I visited the Scottsdale location soon after it opened. Even though it was near opening time, it was packed ... probably from other midwesterners and snowbirds. The neighboring restaurants were wondering, "what the heck?" If you want a true Chicago experience, enjoy the hot dogs, Italian beefs, and don't miss the chocolate cake!

Donna Says...

Early in October I went with my kids to drive through Portillos, our order was taken by women walking to cars. I'm not sure but I think her name was Kathy or Cathy; sorry, I should write down her name. She did very good job, very nice, friendly, happy, knowledgable. Never, nowhere have I had such a good service. I do not have enough words to describe how good job she did. My lunch tasted better because of her. She is a perfect employee. It was at Schuamburg at the Golf Road location. Kudos to her! Please recognize her; she really deserves that.