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Anita Says...

My husband and I have visited the Lone Star in Knightdale, NC...the delmonico steak is totally awesome and I could have made a meal on the fresh steamed spinach.... It's our favorite place to dine out and we drive about 50 miles because they closed the Lone Star 10 miles from our hometown...

Jim and Patty Dempsey Says...

I can honestly say that my wife and I have never, repeat never, gotten a bad meal at the Lone Star Restaurant on MacCorkle Avenue in Charleston, WV.

Stan Jenkins Says...

I have always enjoyed the Lone Star in Kanawha City, WV. The chili and steak soup are both good. The steak and BBQ chicken combo are excellent and you can upgrade to the filet if you like. The atmosphere is great and the servers are always friendly. I have always gotten great service. You can ask for peanuts if you like.

qadiva247 Says...

Lonestar is my favorite steakhouse. The food is always tasty and perfectly cooked, good wait staff and they even have baked sweet potatoes for us diabetics!

deebeekay1 Says...

We got a buy one, get one free coupon for Lone Star at Albuquerque, NM. We called them to validate the coupon. They pleasantly approved. It is 20 min wait. The restaurant looks good and clean. The waiter is funny in an unusual way. He told us that if we eat 20 bread in one sitting, we get a free meal. We told them, "we would rather pay for the steak." The food is great. We wait a while for the bill. The bill is wrong. He came back with an unfriendly look. He slams the bill on the table and told us that our coupon is fake, and the manager is suing the website. They will honor the coupon just this once. We are in state of shock and pay the bill/tip and left. The next day, I called the general manager; he said he honors the coupon and the waiter acted on his own. He invites us to come back and make us worth while. We went. They let us in right away without waiting. The food is great. The new waiter is cool. The bill is correct, but there is no worth-while discount. The general manager came by to chat. We joke a little and left.

jeffbakhaus Says...

The food is excellent but they are trying to appeal to the younger crowd and eliminating some of the things we use to love.



egruhler Says...

the very best

flr1235 Says...

love the food, service and atmosphere