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Laleita Says...

Good place


I am an avid customer who often buys products described in your vivid, amusing descriptions in the FEARLESS FLYER. However, a few corrections in the Nov. 2017 issue are needed: 1. p2 Raw Pecan Halves: "everyday" means "common." You mean "every day" = daily 2. p2: Trimmed Asparagus: "might only require" has misplaced "only." Here it means that it's merely required rather than unnecessary. It should read "might require only a brief" = not requiring longer. 3. p5: Grand Reserve... "on to whomever gets a taste." MUST BE "whoever" since it is the subject of "gets." The object of "to" is the whole clause "whoever gets a taste." Otherwise, thanks for the consistently delightful, persuasive FLYER.

MsLane9 Says...

Everyone talked this place up like it was super awesome for broke people. I went yesterday for an avocado and breakfast sausage. Avocado was $1.69~insane!!! No breakfast sausage. Strike two.

Cassandra Forrest Says...

Love prices and the vegetables

mrsdubfader Says...

best grocery store