Deals of the Week - 4/23/10


Who doesn't love a fresh pair of new shoes? Some of us more than others, obviously. And not even just women!

One of my guy friends has such an extensive collection of rare Nikes that he constructed a special shelving unit to efficiently store them all.

Personally, I'm in the market for a new pair of running shoes now that the weather is nice and I can take long jogs along the Charles River.

Here's some great coupons to help you find just the right pair.

Deals of the Week - 3/12/2010


Recently we've added a few new features to the site. Earlier this week Chris wrote about coupon voting, the new Weekly Ads section, and the related coupons sidebar. Also, some of you may have noticed that we've updated the formatting for the BeFrual blog. This week we've added a new layout for the deals of ... Read moreDeals of the Week - 3/12/2010

Deals of the Week - 2/19/10


Last week, the coupons included in the Deals of the Week were from a lot of big-name stores. But a lot of times, some of the best deals can be found from smaller retailers who, in an attempt to attract business, will offer deep discounts. So for this week's deals, I've included some great coupons ... Read moreDeals of the Week - 2/19/10

Deals of the Week - 1/8/10


This time of year, right after the holiday shopping rush, is great for finding deals on clearance items. Stores must clear their inventory in order to make room for items and products for the next season. Lucky for us! Many stores are getting rid of their clearance inventory by offering discounts on sale items. While ... Read moreDeals of the Week - 1/8/10

Deals of the Week - 11/6/09


Congratulations to the 2009 World Series Champions: the New York Yankees! We've put together a few coupons from sporting good stores to help you save on Championship gear, as well as the best deals from around the web for the week. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday only a few weeks away, stores are already ... Read moreDeals of the Week - 11/6/09