Interview with Teri Gault from The Grocery Game


Recently, the team at BeFrugal interviewed Teri Gault, the founder and CEO of The Grocery Game. Teri's inspiration for The Grocery Game came from her own successful experiences with deal hunting. Every week she sat down and searched for the best advertised and un-advertised grocery deals in her area; she also sought out any additional ... Read moreInterview with Teri Gault from The Grocery Game

Interview With The Coupon Mom


Recently, the BeFrugal staff interviewed Stephanie Nelson, the founder of After leaving the corporate world to stay home and take care of her sons, Nelson embarked on another mission: helping families like her own stick to a budget and find the best grocery and drug store deals around. With, Nelson makes it easier and more time efficient for bargain hunters to locate the best deals around.

Making Your First Loaf: The Advantages of Bread Making


I love being overwhelmed by the smell of freshly baked home made bread. For some, this is a rare treat, but making your own bread is a cheap and fun activity that, if done consistently, can cut back costs in the long run. Most families go through about a loaf or two of bread each week, which might not seem like a significant amount of money. Compare that to the cost of making your own bread; making your bread ends up being more cost efficient and a lot healthier.

Standout Site: Hey It's Free!


With the change of season my desire to buy more stuff I don't need becomes stronger than usual. I, like so many other women, like to try new beauty products with the change of seasons. Face wash, foundation, perfume and so on can add up. Especially if you notice that the new lotion you picked up is making you break out and you can't return it. Rather than dealing with that again (or taking the word of a sale's associate) I decided to try some free samples prior to buying.