DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Thinking about what your going to be for Halloween this year? I know I've been and I'm not exactly a fan of going to over priced, super packed costume store. I'd like to wear clothing since it's chilly in Boston in October so that rules out most women's costume offerings. And I know how much costumes can cost a pretty penny for the kiddos. When you get the costume plus any accessories needed to complete the costume you can suck your fun fund dry before you know it.

Back to Layaway

Anyone else noticing a bunch of commercials about layaway this weekend? I have hazy memories of my mom taking advantage of layaway when she was "Santa's assistant" and wanted to get gifts early to help Santa out closer to the Christmas holiday. All those Kmart commercials got me thinking about how this may work for the upcoming holiday season.

Save at Sierra Trading Post

I love a good bargain and I love not having to leave my house to do so. You may think I’m lazy but with the bargains you can find online I wonder why bother going to the mall sometimes. One of my favorite stores to shop is Sierra Trading Post. For 25 years now, Sierra Trading Post has been known as the retailer know for offering the best deals on the best brands.

13 Ways to Reuse Jeans

It's safe to say almost everyone has a few pairs of jeans. Some of us may have a particular favorite pair for whatever reason. It's hard to part with a beloved pair of jeans even when they are beyond repair. Because of my sentimental pack rat ways and all the natural resources used to make jeans , I have sewed up a few pairs more times than I like to admit.