Beating the Heat Without Breaking Your Budget


The first full week of July brought with it record high temperatures across the country; it also tested our ability to stay "cool." Sweltering temperatures strained many electrical grids, resulting in scattered power outages in a handful of areas. Besides blasting your AC 24/7 and racking up a pricey electric bill, there are many other budget friendly activities out there that you can do to keep cool.

Saving Money At Work: 5 Useful Tips to Help Reduce Spending During the Work Week


Most nights, before going to bed, I prepare my lunch for the next day. If I'm ever running late, I don't want to use being in a hurry as an excuse to buy lunch, because I save a significant amount of money bringing my own lunch to work every day. If you buy lunch every day, you might be spending about $30-40 per week. (I'm guessing an average meal runs around $6-$8.) Sure, $8 might not seem like a lot when ordering your food, but $40 certainly sounds like a lot more.

Be a Cheap Date


Dating is difficult. The pressure of trying to impress someone and making sure they have a good time can often take the fun out of planning a date. Planning a date can be hard (because dinner and a movie is SO overdone) but doing it on a budget can be even harder. With some creative planning you can impress that certain someone without having to eat PB&J until your next paycheck.

Crafts from Glass: Reusing Glass Bottles


This past weekend, I attended a local outdoor event where a friend from college happened to be selling a lot of her home made crafts. One concept of hers that particularly caught my attention was a series of beer bottle candles. To make the candle, she cut the top of the bottle off and filled the bottom part with wax and a candle wick. Her craftiness made me think about all the bottles I have at home piled up in my recycling bin, and all the different things I could do (or currently do) myself to reuse them.

Deals of the Week - 9/11/09

Welcome to the first edition of our Deals of the Week! Here at BeFrugal, we come across thousands of coupons, deals, offers & sales each week and here is the place where we showcase the very best coupons and deals we find. With Summer is coming to unfortunate end, what better way to brighted the day and kick off the Fall season than with some great savings? Enjoy!