Deals of the Week - 5/7/10


For this weeks deals, I've collected some great coupons from stores that everyone loves. Old Navy, Linens 'N Things, and Chico's all have site-wide promotions for 20% off!

If you are going to be out shopping this weekend, we also have tons of printable retail coupons that help you save as much as 40%!

Deals of the Week - 4/23/10


Who doesn't love a fresh pair of new shoes? Some of us more than others, obviously. And not even just women!

One of my guy friends has such an extensive collection of rare Nikes that he constructed a special shelving unit to efficiently store them all.

Personally, I'm in the market for a new pair of running shoes now that the weather is nice and I can take long jogs along the Charles River.

Here's some great coupons to help you find just the right pair.

Deals of the Week - 12/11/09


The Holidays are fast approaching and anyone looking to do their holiday shopping online should order soon to avoid paying for expedited shipping fees. I have done about half of my shopping so far (all of it online) and I plan on finishing all my shopping this weekend. For the past few years, I have set a goal of doing all my shopping online, but usually I end up making at least a couple of trips to the mall. This year, I have found a ton of great deals online and I might actually get all my shopping done without stepping foot near a mall!