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NBA Draft Life Hacks

NBA Draft Life Hacks

Today during the NBA Draft, millions of people around the country will watch as young new players are chosen to become part of the NBA. Watching events like this may evoke some of your childhood dreams of being a basketball superstar, so here is a list of some basketball life hacks that are used by the pros.

  1. Double-Socking: Shopping for basketball sneakers online may be one of the best ways to get a good deal. However, it can be hard to know your exact size based on the sneaker’s brand and style. If you receive your sneakers and they aren’t as snug as you had hoped, try double-socking. This allows you to fit comfortably into your shoes and perform better while playing.
  2. Wipes: When it comes to running up and down a waxed court, having the right amount of traction is crucial. Although basketball sneakers are made to grip the court, dusty soles can prevent you from getting the grip you need while playing. During a game, wipe the bottoms of your soles a few times to keep them clean and effective.
  3. Chocolate Bars: This may seem odd, but having a chocolate bar before or during a game can increase your performance. Chocolate has a chemical called epicatechin which restores your energy during a long game. Also, having sugar in your mouth attracts the pleasure points in your brain, which allows you to enjoy playing even if the game is exhausting.
  4. Non-alcoholic Beer: During a long game of running back and forth, your body loses a lot of energy. Having a bottle of non-alcoholic beer helps your body restore the fluid and electrolytes that were lost while playing.
  5. Pickle Juice: Cramping up during a game can be very painful and make it nearly impossible to perform your best. As surprising as it sounds, drinking pickle juice relieves cramps almost instantly, letting you get back to the game.

Now that you have some tips that will help make you a pro, here are some deals to get you started:

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