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Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Lost returned to TV last night with an amazing 2 hour season premier.  This season will (hopefully) reveal many of the answers we have been craving since the show first debuted in 2004.  Though if last night is any indication, Lost will continue to ask more questions than it answers!

Either way, I have been hooked since the pilot episode.  If you are are obsessed with this show like me, you just can't get enough of it.  For you fellow Losties out there, I have found some great deals on Lost related merchandise and themes.

Lost DVDs

What better way to re-live Lost, then by watching it all again?  Maybe you miss seeing Walt or Shannon on the beach with the rest of the gang.  Or maybe you forgot what happened to Mr. Eko.  Have a favorite episode?  Or maybe you want to watch it all again!  Amazon has the DVD for each season on sale now with prices ranging from $16.99 - $24.99.  Or get the Blu-Ray version of each season for only $34.99.

Lost in Hawaii

If watching the Lost just isn't enough for you, you can head out to beautiful Hawaii where they film Lost.  While in Hawaii, you can search for Jacob's cabin, the 4-toed statue, Dharmaville and more.  Just be careful to avoid the black smoke monster and beware of  "The Others".  Check out trips to Hawaii at Travelocity, Expedia & Orbitz.

Lost Reading

And on your trip to Hawaii (assuming your plane doesn't break in half and crash on a remote island) you will need some reading material.  Check out some of the many books referenced in Lost.  What's the significance of Jacob reading Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge right before John Locke gets pushed out the window?  I need to know!

Become Lost

And for the truly compulsive and obsessed Lost fan, why not try to look like your favorite character?  Check out Wig Deals and Best Wig Outlet for great deals on wigs.  Not all of us can grow hair like Sayid, Sawyer or Kate... but with the right wig, we can fake it.  Add the Dharma suit to complete the look.  For all you John Locke fans out there, don't forget to check out the razors on sale at CVS .

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